It is very delicious

Because I come from the north, so I like noodles very much. Say about eating, there are a lot of sad days at the beginning of my university. My university is in the south. It is very different from my hometown. There are a lot of differences besides food. Though there are no omega watches, LV bags and so on, there are green trees, clean water and fresh air.

Special my food almost are made of flour, such as steamed bread, dumplings and so on, they are our favorite. But in the south, they eat rice all the time. In the morning, they have rice porridge; at noon and night, they also eat rice. There has a long time which I don’t eat noodles since I leave my hometown with my Gucci watch which comes from my parents.

So when I hear we have the noodles from my roommate, I am very happy. Think about her, I have a little sad. She will leave me in several days. Though we just have a short time together, I also don’t say goodbye to her. However, she will leave. I decide to buy a swiss replica watch as her leaving gift.

Getting a hair cut

 There is a barber shop near my home. It is very famous because of its great skill and fit price. Of course, I hear these from my new roommate. Considering, my hair doesn’t fix fro a long time. I make up my mind to give it a chance.

After my lunch, I and my roommate come there and say we want to cut hair. We are very happy because they welcome us happily, though they are watching the news about a thief stealing a lot of omega watches.

The female boss helps me wash my hair at first and lets me sit on the chair. And let me have a wait, her husband is coming from outside. About two minutes later, he comes out. As he wants to cut my hair, another man with a franck muller replica watch comes out and says something to him.

Then he leaves follow that man. At the beginning, I think it is al right. Maybe he has an urgent thing and must to deal it now. Besides that, I have not important thing and don’t hurry. But I can’t stand when my swiss replica watch tells me it has about thirty minutes. I stand up and ask the reason. I decide to shop it as I get he is just trying his new car.